Iron Sight

The Science Behind The Glasses

UV400 glasses block out harmful blue wavelengths that causes eye fatigue and eye strain from monitors and screens.

These blue wavelengths are useful during daylight hours since they boost attention and mood. However, these blue wavelengths blasting your eyeballs all day can be a problem, especially at night.

Why is this blue light from screens such a problem?

Typically, focused and intense gameplay in front of a bright screen that constantly blasts blue wavelengths can be problematic. Especially since gamers are so focused that their blinks per minute goes down and number of saccades (rapid eye movements) goes up. This can cause a lot of strain on the eyes and create eye fatigue.

According to Harvard Medical School, there are several health issues that these blue lights can create:

These glasses help reduce the amount of blue light that enters the iris with a UV400 lens that helps filter these wavelengths. 

A study done at John Carroll University found that participants that wore blue light blocking glasses at night, saw an improvement in their sleep and had their symptoms of ADHD reduced.

According to Science Daily, the benefits of blue light blocking glasses are:

The copper color of the lenses also helps create contrast and make environments in games appear brighter. Blue light has shorter wavelengths, thus making it scatter easier than most other colors. This makes focusing a lot more difficult. This is why removing blue light can help improve your vision's sharpness and depth perception. 

These also don't create any color distortion, which is important when using these glasses for gaming.

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